Does a Professional Need to Be Hired to Handle Radiant Ceiling Heat Repair?


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Simple fixes to an inoperable radiant heating system, such as making sure the circuit breaker is on or setting the thermostat properly, may be handled without calling a professional. More complicated problems, such as a faulty thermostat or broken heating cables, require the expertise of a professional electrician.

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Radiant heat systems have two essential elements: the thermostat and the heat cable. Heating cables may be damaged and broken when individuals carelessly install light fixtures in rooms with ceiling radiant heat. Faulty or improperly calibrated thermostats are another common cause of an inoperable system. Fixing either issue requires working with electrical current. Therefore, a licensed professional should be called. Radiant heating systems work by heating the plaster or sheetrock surrounding the cable. These materials in turn heat the people and objects in the room.

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