Does a Professional Need to Fix My Gas Furnace?


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While there are several small maintenance and repair tasks a homeowner can perform on a gas furnace, HomeTips recommends that for more complicated repairs a professional HVAC repair person is consulted. Some repairs that are do-it-yourself include fixing a noisy furnace or ductwork, relighting the pilot light and replacing a blower pulley.

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A noisy furnace that rattles can be the result of a loose cover panel that needs its screws tightened. A squealing sound from a forced-air furnace may be a sign that the belt that connects the motor to the fan has slipped and needs to be replaced. If the ducts ping or pop, it could be because of a loose piece of ductwork. This can be repaired by placing a small dent in the loose piece to create a surface that's a bit more rigid.

A blown-out pilot light generally needs to be relit manually. Cleaning out the small hole in the top of the pilot light with a thin wire usually clears out any blocking debris, allowing the full stream of gas from the light to ignite and remain burning. Increasing the flow of gas by turning up the pilot light until the flame is about two inches high can also prevent it from going out again once it's relit.

If the furnace is running, but there's no air being forced through it, the problem is likely a broken blower pulley belt. Replacing the belt generally fixes the issue, restoring the airflow.

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