What Products Does Stark Bro's Nursery and Orchids Co. Offer?


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Stark Bro's Nursery and Orchards Co. offers products such as fruit, nut and landscape trees and berry and garden plants. The company also sells soil additives, gardening tools, plant pest and disease control products, canning supplies, and books on gardening. It sells its products online and via print catalogs.

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Depending on the space that the grower has available, Stark Bro's has dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard fruit trees. Among the varieties of fruit trees are apple, apricot, cherry, peach and citrus trees. The company also has more exotic fruit species such as banana, pawpaw, fig, olive and persimmon trees. Varieties of nut trees include almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts and chestnuts. The many varieties of berry plants include blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and grape vines.

Among the flowering landscape trees is the purple robe locust, flowering pear, mimosa, weeping peach and weeping cherry. Shade landscape trees include red sunset maples, sugar maples and weeping willows. Stark Bro's has a multitude of garden plants such as vegetables, herbs, grasses and flowers.

Stark Bro's offers soil additives such as acidifiers, minerals and fertilizers. Gardening tools include sprayers, trowels, pruners, plant protectors and soil testing kits. For pest and disease control, the company offers pesticides and insecticides in sprays, powders, liquid concentrates and granules. For canning, Stark Bro's sells peelers, racks, thermometers, labels and canning pots.

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