What Products and Services Does Most Dependable Fountains Offer?

What Products and Services Does Most Dependable Fountains Offer?

Most Dependable Fountains sells a wide variety of outdoor water feature products including pedestal and wall-mount drinking fountains, outdoor showers, pet drinking fountains and outdoor bottle fillers. The company also offers an extensive inventory of outdoor and indoor water feature product parts, which are organized by part type.

Some specific products that are sold by Most Dependable Fountains are the 400SM pedestal drinking fountain, the 450WMSS wall-mounted drinking fountain and the model 500SM outdoor shower.

The 400SM is a powder-coated 125-pound one-piece standard construction water fountain that contains a standard 3/16-inch wall. The water operating button requires less than 5 pounds of force, and the unit comes with an optional 10-inch stainless steel surface carrier.

The 450WMSS wall-mounted drinking fountain model is manufactured out of 304 schedule 10 stainless steel and weighs approximately 40 pounds. The unit comes with numerous accessory options such as a stainless steel carrier, bowl sand strainer, Safe-Stream bubbler and seasonal cover.

The outdoor shower model 500SM is designed for beaches, pools, water parks and volleyball courts. The shower comes equipped with a foot-wash feature, is push button-operated and has quick-closing valves. The unit weighs 160 pounds and can be equipped with an optional stainless steel carrier.