What Products Are Offered As Part of the Living Solutions Brand?

What Products Are Offered As Part of the Living Solutions Brand?

Living Solutions offers an extensive collection of small appliances and home accessories, ranging from toaster ovens and coffee makers to blenders and clothing irons. Living Solutions also offers accessories such as mug warmers and ice cube trays.

As of 2015, Living Solutions offers specialized kitchen accessories such as small food choppers, knife sets and barbecue tool sets. In addition to these accessories, Living Solutions also offers small kitchen appliances such as rice cookers, panini presses and kettles.

Living Solutions also sells a range of household items, including sets of light bulbs, super glue sets, Sherpa and fleece throws, and cappuccino mug sets with holding racks. Living Solutions offers single-serve coffee makers in addition to the larger 5-cup coffee makers. There is also some selection with regard to the toasters that are available from them. They offer cool touch two-slice toasters, as well as regular and retro styled toasters.

Additionally, Living Solutions offers a diverse collection of accessories for drinks. These accessories include insulated wine bags, bar ware sets, automatic wine bottle openers and travel size corkscrews. They also offer decorative wine stoppers and four-bottle wine racks.

Living Solutions also provides a range of small kitchen accessories, such as bamboo cutting boards, dip bowls, bamboo place mats, water filter cartridges and water bottles.