What Are Some Products Offered by Marquette Welding Products?


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Marquette Welding no longer exists, as it was acquired by Lincoln Electric in 2003. Some Marquette products, however, are still available through online retailers and hardware stores, and Lincoln Electric has a "Marquette by Lincoln Electric Line." Original Marquette products include welders, plasma torches, MIG guns, tips and nozzles, torch burners and torch kits, as well as a full line of accessories.

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The Marquette by Lincoln Electric line of products includes torch kits, welding electrodes, MIG welding wire and brazing rods. It also offers MIG gun tips, welding electrodes, gas diffusers and wire feeds. Marquette by Lincoln Electric products are sold on the Lincoln Electric website and at many large auto parts and home improvement retailers.

Buyers looking for original Marquette products should check sites such as eBay and other online retailers that carry the older discontinued products, as they are no longer made. Welding Direct carries a decent inventory of the original products, as does USA Weld. Marquette welding guns are the most difficult items to find, though many retailers still carry some original Marquette welding accessories.

Lincoln Electric offers a full line of welding products, including TIG welders, MIG welders, stick welders and multiprocess welders, as well as welding accessories. The company sells products for both individual customers and large companies, and it operates worldwide.

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