What Are Some Products That Offer Protection for a Cedar Deck?

What Are Some Products That Offer Protection for a Cedar Deck?

Products that offer protection for a cedar deck include water-repelling clear finishes, toners and solid stains. Many of these products come in either water-based or oil-based formulas.

It is important to protect cedar and other types of wood decks from the elements. Even decks that do not receive much rain have to be protected from the damaging effects of sunlight, and there is a variety of products on the market designed to meet this need.

Solid stains offer the most protection for a cedar deck. They look like paint and offer both ultraviolet protection and water protection. There are several brands of solid stain available including Behr and Sure Step. Find both of these brands at major home improvement stores such as HomeDepot.com.

Clear sealers protect cedar from moisture. This type of wood treatment allows the natural beauty of the wood to show while offering durable protection. Brands of clear wood sealers include TriCoPolymer, Rain-X and Rain Guard.

Toners are another product that protects wood against moisture, and some offer the added benefit of protecting wood against UV rays. Toners come in a wide variety of colors. Because of wood's tendency to take color in different ways, always test a toner on an inconspicuous area before treating the whole deck. Flood makes an effective cedar toner that dries to the touch in 30 minutes and protects against UV rays and mildew.