What Products Are Needed to Reglaze a Bath Tub?


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Products necessary to reglaze a bathtub include industrial bathtub cleaner, hydrofluoric acid, sandpaper, a shop vacuum, body filler, masking tape, epoxy primer and the glaze itself. Reglazing a bathtub is a cheaper alternative to replacing the tub once its original shine fades away.

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Before starting the reglazing process, it is important to ensure the bathroom has adequate ventilation; a box fan can help circulate the air. Take out the old grout and caulking right around the tub, and scrub the tub with industrial cleaner. Use 120-grit sandpaper to remove paint and calcium deposits.

Wash the tub with hydrofluoric acid, and let the acid sit for 10 or 15 minutes to eat away any existing coating. Rinse the tub with cold water, and sand one more time to prepare the tub. Blow the borders of the tub dry with a shop vacuum to get rid of all the moisture.

The next step involves applying body filler to the ledges and bottom of the tub, remedying any remaining acid damage. Use masking tape to cover the bathroom floor and borders of the tub, and cover all cabinets with painter's tarps to protect the rest of the bathroom. Sand the body filler to make it smooth, and vacuum the entire bathroom. After tacking cloth to the whole tub, it is time to apply the glaze following the manufacturer's instruction. After the tub dries overnight, caulk and grout the borders of the tub. After 48 hours, the tub is ready for use.

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