What Are Some Products Needed to Install Roll Roofing?


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Products needed to install roll roofing include galvanised roofing nails, roofing cement and underlay. A chalk line, tape measure and utility knife are handy for the project as well. Roll roofing bends and cracks easily in cold weather, so avoid installing it in such conditions.

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To install roll roofing, lay an underlay on the roof, smooth the underlay, and secure it with tacks. Measure and mark several 35-inch intervals from the point of the roof that meets the building. Snap a chalk line to act as a guide for laying the roll, and roll out the first sheet, making sure it is smooth and even. Apply a 2-inch layer of cement under each side of the sheet, and use a hammer to nail it down across the bottom edge.

Once you have rolled the first sheet, apply a 2-inch layer of cement on the top, and nail down the second row. Secure the remaining rows of the roofing in a similar manner, overlapping the vertical seams by 6 inches and horizontal seams by 2 inches. Be sure to apply cement on all of the seams and overlaps, and leave 1 inch of overhang on either side. Roof the hips and ridges, and cut away extra overhang with a utility knife.

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