What Products Are Needed for Cleaning a Dryer Duct at Work?


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The products involved in cleaning a dryer duct include a round dryer-duct brush, an extendable shaft, a lint trap brush, a vacuum and a trash bag. A drill, screw driver or scissors may be useful for ducts that are fastened with screws or tape.

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Dryer duct brushes are available in specialized kits. The most important tool is the duct brush, which comes in a round shape and features staggered bristles. The brush should closely match the diameter of the dryer duct. Most duct brushes include a fiberglass handle that can be lengthened by screwing on additional sections. The brush rotates in the duct, dropping the trapped lint into trash bags for disposal.

Before cleaning, the duct must be separated into smaller sections by hand. If the sections are fastened with screws, a drill and screwdriver can speed the process. Scissors may be necessary for taped ducts.

The lint trap brush is used to remove debris build-up from the lint trap and the lint-trap cavity. The long, tapered brush can reach into small spaces and corners to clean the lint before it gets to the dryer duct. A vacuum is useful in collecting the loose lint pieces after they are dislodged by the brush.

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