What Products Do You Need for Cleaning a Furnace?


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To clean a furnace, a person needs foil tape, an air filter, screwdriver and a wire brush. A shop vacuum, strap wrench and combustion analyzer are also needed. If a person is cleaning an oil-powered system, an oil filter and nozzle needs to be available, too.

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Shutting down the system is the first thing a person should do in order to clean the furnace. Usually, this is found near the system. Cleaning the combustion chamber is the next step in cleaning the furnace. Scraping the walls of the chamber with a wire brush then vacuuming the residue ensures a solid clean.

Checking the flue pipe is also recommended, and a person should look for holes and repair them with foil tape. If an individual has an oil-powered furnace, he should also change the oil filter and air filter. At this point, the efficiency of the furnace should be tested with the combustion analyzer. This measures the gases present in the exhaust flue. The oil nozzle should also be replaced at this point, and the flame color should be examined. If a person is cleaning a gas system, the burner tubes should also be vacuumed. The last step is to go through the home and vacuum all of the floor vents.

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