What Products Does Menards Offer?

What Products Does Menards Offer?

Menards sells a full range of tools, home improvement supplies and seasonal products, such as gardening tools and supplies. Many Menards locations also sell appliances, pet supplies and groceries.

Menards is a Midwest-based chain of home improvement stores. The chain emphasizes its low prices on quality materials for almost any project around the home, with supplies for both interior and exterior projects. Menards carries several name-brand supplies and materials in addition to in-house brands.

Menards stores carry materials for bath and kitchen renovations, including sinks, tubs, showers, vanities and toilets. The stores also sell all of the necessary plumbing components used to install the bathroom and kitchen fixtures. For all rooms of the home, Menards sells lighting fixtures, paint and supplies, and flooring.

Menards locations also sell raw building materials for people who want to build from scratch. These materials include lumber, concrete, metal framing, drywall and insulation. For the exterior, Menards sells decking, fencing, siding, doors and shingles. Landscaping materials include plants, pavers, rock, and patio furniture. Shoppers also find fasteners, such as nails and screws, along with any tools necessary to complete the projects.

Once the renovation projects are finished, Menards customers can find the finishing touches for the home. Menards sells blinds, curtains, pillows, framed artwork and other home decor items. Many locations sell holiday decorations during the year. Some also sell toys and other gift items during the holiday season.