What Products Are Best for Killing Roaches?


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Boric acid is the best product for killing roaches. This chemical is inexpensive and readily available in stores. Exterminators, adhesive-based traps and poisonous roach baits can also be used to kill roaches.

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What Products Are Best for Killing Roaches?
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Roaches are extremely fertile breeders that are capable of producing several thousand offspring annually. They often live in dark, damp places and usually come out at night. Sinks and refrigerators are their preferred breeding grounds.

If used correctly, boric acid is the most effective way of eliminating and controlling roaches. It is harmless to humans but extremely toxic to roaches. The bugs succumb shortly after ingesting the acid.

Boric acid can be spread all over kitchen cabinets, sinks, countertops and drawers. This should be done at night and left on surfaces until the following day. The user should apply the acid in the roaches' favorite areas, including beneath the sink, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. Users should be careful not to inhale the boric acid.

The rate of application is determined by the magnitude of the infestation. A heavily infested house requires a heavy application, in which case it may require vacating infested rooms for at least two days. Otherwise, the rooms should be cleaned the following morning, including all the areas where boric acid was applied.

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