What Are the Best Products to Kill Roaches?

There are many different products that kill cockroaches, each of which can be effective in certain situations. Some of the most common products include glue traps and various insecticide products, such as gels, dusts and sprays.

In most cases, stopping a cockroach infestation requires numerous steps. First, it is necessary to find where the cockroaches are hiding, which can be done using glue traps. By seeing which traps catch the most cockroaches, it is then possible to determine where they are located. Once their general location has been established, the next step is to use caulk to permanently seal up any areas where roaches can enter the living space.

From here, it is usually necessary to kill the remaining cockroaches using a combination of different pesticide products. Pesticide gel can be applied to any cracks that were not possible to seal up, while pesticide dust can also be applied into cracks and underneath or behind appliances and other objects. Both products typically contain boric acid, which is highly toxic to the cockroaches and potentially to humans as well. Pesticide bait traps are another option; they are considered safer because the poison is secured inside the trap. Still, in most cases, pesticides are not sufficient on their own to eliminate all cockroaches, according to the University of California Integrated Pest Management Program.

Roaches are extremely fertile breeders that are capable of producing several thousand offspring annually. They often live in dark, damp places and usually come out at night. Sinks and refrigerators are their preferred breeding grounds.