Which Products Kill Ants?

Which Products Kill Ants?

Products that kill ants include liquid ant bait, bait granules, borax and insecticides that contain ingredients such as permethrin, bifenthrin and deltamethrin. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to remove ant trails.

Liquid ant bait products are usually most effective for killing ants that love sugary foods. Mix the bait with foods such as honey or peanut butter to attract ants and get them to carry the bait back to the colony. Perform a test beforehand to see which foods attract the most ants.

Some ants, such as fire ants, prefer solid baits. To kill ants using commercial solid baits or borax, mix the bait with a substance such as sugar.

If baits fail to kill the ants, try to kill the colony at its source by first finding the nest and then spraying it with an insecticide product designed to kill ants. It is also possible to spray insecticide on lawns, trees, walls or sidings.

To remove trails, clean the area with a mixture of one part vinegar and three parts water. This prevents other ants from picking up the trail. To keep ants out of the home, spray entry points such as doorways and windows with insecticide.