What Products Are Good for Cleaning Ceilings?

Products that are good for cleaning ceilings include vacuum cleaners, brooms and all-purpose cleaners, according to BHG.com. To remove tough stains, brush on a sealer that is resistant to stains and repaint the ceiling.

Homeowners can easily clean stains using basic home cleaning products. A vacuum cleaner can be a handy tool for removing dust and debris from ceilings. Simply add a brush attachment to the end and suck up any debris.

A broom can also remove dirt from ceilings. To remove dust and debris with a broom, cover the end with a soft cloth or rag. Use the covered broom to wipe off the ceilings, recommends BHG.com.

Stubborn stains may require more intensive cleaning. In most cases, an all-purpose cleaner can suffice. Homemade cleaners made of diluted vinegar or ammonia can also be effective. Simply wash the ceiling in small sections with the chosen variety of cleaner and a sponge or soft cloth. Before washing ceilings, lay down drop cloths over floors and furniture and wear goggles and skin coverings, states Dummies.com.

If any stains remain, it may be necessary to repaint the ceiling. As stains can seep through paint, go over the stain with a stain-resistant sealer before adding the paint. Kilz paint is a good option, notes BHG.com.