What Are Some Products That Contain Formaldehyde?


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Products that contain formaldehyde include wrinkle-free fabric, the Brazilian Blowout, furniture, cosmetics and mobile homes. Formaldehyde is an embalming agent that can cause eye irritation, eczema and trouble breathing with low-level exposure or cancer with high-level or prolonged exposure.

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Wrinkle-free fabric is often treated with formaldehyde and thus should be washed before use, particularly when purchased for people with sensitive skin. The manufacturer of the Brazilian Blowout has been sued for falsely claiming that its product is free of formaldehyde. Mobile homes and some types of furniture are made with plywood and other inexpensive materials that contain formaldehyde and may release formaldehyde gas over long periods of time, causing allergic reactions such as nausea and headaches. Cosmetics, such as nail polish and polish removers, may contain formaldehyde.

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