What Are the Best Products for Cleaning Kitchen Vent Hoods?


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The best products for cleaning kitchen vent hoods are standard anti-grease dish soap and baking soda. A soft microfiber cloth, nylon brush, bucket and water are also necessary for hood cleaning.

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The first step in cleaning a kitchen vent hood is to remove the filter and set it aside. Then wet a soft cloth with a mixture of water and dish soap. Homeowners should choose a soap that breaks up grease. The wet cloth is safe for wiping down the exterior and interior surfaces of the vent hood. Depending on the state of the hood, multiple rounds of wiping may be necessary.

To clean the filter, the homeowner can fill a large bucket with hot or boiling water and add dish soap. Adding 1/4 cup of baking soda helps break down grease. The filter should then be submerged into the water and left to soak for 10 minutes. A gentle and non-abrasive nylon scrub brush is an effective tool for cleaning the filter after soaking. Extra soaking may be required for filters with heavy grease buildup.

Before returning the filter back into the vent hood, the homeowner can use a soft and dry microfiber cloth to polish all exterior and interior surfaces. The cloth cleans and removes smudges without scratching the surface of the vent hood.

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