What Products Are Best to Clean Gas Stove Burners?


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The best products for cleaning gas stove burners depend on the frequency of cleaning the burner pans and typically include powder scouring cleaners, oven cleaners, scouring pads or a mixture of ammonia and hot water. Dish soap and baking soda also come in handy when cleaning burners.

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People may find it easier to remove grease, grime and other dirt from burner pans if they clean the pans every day or each week. Pans that haven’t been cleaned for months often require a deep cleaning. Spot cleaning involves dampening a piece of cloth with a household scouring cleaner in powder form and thoroughly cleaning the drip pans until they are free of dirt. Put on rubber gloves for protection from cleaning products.

When cleaning on a weekly basis, use soapy water to get rid of dirt, and spray the burner pans using an oven cleaner. After leaving the pans in the sink for 30 minutes, use a scouring pad to scrub them gently. Rinse with water afterward.

Deep cleaning requires mixing 1/4 cup of ammonia and 1 gallon of warm water in a container and immersing the pans in the solution for a night. After draining the containers in the morning, use a scouring pad or cloth to scrub the pans gently, and wash with water.

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