What Products Can Be Used to Spray Dried Flowers?


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A dried flower preservative spray or clear coat spray helps to prevent arrangements from shattering or dropping leaves. The dried flower preservative is available at craft stores, and clear coat sprays are available anywhere that sells spray paints. Spray paints are an option to alter the color slightly.

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Regardless of the type of drying procedure the crafter chooses, sprays help to provide the longest life for dried arrangements. A crafter can spray individual flowers or wait until the arrangement is finished.

The easiest technique for drying flowers for later use is to strip the leaves, tie the stems with yarn and hang the flowers upside down to dry. They should be in a warm location that provides ventilation without sun exposure. Large flowers dry best as singles, but smaller ones dry when tied in bunches of similar flowers. Drying flowers quickly helps to preserve their color.

Drying flowers in sand is another option. This technique requires layering 1 to 2 inches of sand in the bottom of a box and making indentations so each flower stands upside down in the sand. Once they are in place, the crafter pours sand in a circular motion to fill any gaps without covering the base of the flower. Sand-drying flowers works best if the box is in a location where temperature are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, such as an attic.

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