What Are Some Products That Can Be Used to Repel Pigeons?

What Are Some Products That Can Be Used to Repel Pigeons?

Use commercial pigeon repellents, sound and light deterrents, bird traps and scaring devices to repel pigeons. Items easily found in the kitchen such as pepper and chili powder are also effective pigeons repellents. Pets such as cats and dogs naturally scare pigeons away. Eliminate food and water supplies, use barriers and nets, and block any access to the attic to prevent pigeons from staying in the property.

Electronic sound repellents produce sounds that disorient and scare birds away from the treated area. These devices are expensive but effective in treating pigeon infestations.

Pigeons have sensitive legs. When they encounter sticky surfaces, they interpret this as a trap and pass the information to the rest of the flock, keeping them away. Bird repellent gels are effective for one year and are made with components not lethal to birds. Apply repellent gel on ledges, beams, sills and any other affected surfaces to create a sticky layer. Alternatively, use a honey solution on landing surfaces to produce the same effect as a repellent gel.

Pigeons are naturally terrified of snakes and owls. Place plastic owls and snakes where pigeons land or nest to scare them away. Pigeons also get easily scared by bright lights and reflections. Use bird repellent tape and ribbon, CDs hung from strings and mirrors to keep pigeons away.

Consider using bird traps to relocate pigeons out of the property. Prepare the location of the trap beforehand with food and water. Place the trap with bait inside and check on it every day.

Strong spices are an effective and inexpensive homemade pigeon repellent. Use pepper, chili, cumin or garlic powder individually or combined. Sprinkle generously wherever pigeons roost.