What Are Some Products That Can Be Used to Kill Fleas Both Inside and Outside?


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Flea products that can be used both in the home and outside include Flea Away Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs and Cats, and Harris Home Pest Control Flea and Tick Killer. Flea Away's product is in granule form, while Harris' is a sprayable alternative.

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Flea Away Diatomaceous Earth is an orrganic, food-grade product. It is highly effective in killing fleas that hide in carpeting, furniture and bedding, and can also be used on hardwood floors. Outdoors, Flea Away is intended for use throughout lawns, in gardens and around the perimeter of homes.

In addition to fleas, Flea Away also kills and prevents a host of other insects, including ants, bedbugs, spiders, centipedes and cockroaches. Flea Away is also used as a natural method of de-worming in dogs and cats. Simply sprinkle the recommended amount onto a pet's food each day. As of November, 2015, parasites do not build a resistance or tolerance for Flea Away, unlike traditional, chemical alternatives.

Harris Home Pest Control Flea and Tick Killer is odorless, nonstaining and keeps working long after being applied. Safe for carpets, gardens and lawns, it also kills earwigs, bedbugs, ants and mosquitoes. Harris Home Pest Control offers a ready-to-use formula with a spray trigger for quick and easy application. Unlike Flea Away, this product is composed of chemicals that must be handled properly, and it should be kept away from children, food and pets.

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