What Products Can Be Used to Clean Your Gas Stove Burners?


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Standard dishwashing liquid and hot water can be used to clean gas stove burner grates, and a commercial oven cleaner can be used to remove burnt-on or caked-on debris on the grates. Use a pin or paper clip to clean out any debris blocking the fuel ports.

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What Products Can Be Used to Clean Your Gas Stove Burners?
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Remove burner grates from a gas stove before cleaning. Also remove the knobs, and clean them in the sink along with the grates. If using oven cleaner, bring the grates outside during cleaning to avoid fumes. As an alternative to oven cleaner, use a paste made of one part baking soda and one part water to scrub stubborn messes off a gas burner grate. Avoid using toothpicks to clean the fuel ports because pieces can break off and become stuck in a port.

Wipe the surface of the stove clean with a damp cloth before returning the burner grates to their normal positions. Soaking the cloth can cause water to seep into the fuel ports, so squeeze out excess water first. A rubber scraper comes in handy for scraping up spills and buildup on the stove surface. Thoroughly dry off the surface with a microfiber or cotton cloth before replacing the burner grates.

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