What Are Some Products Available for Purchase From Menards in Aberdeen, South Dakota?

What Are Some Products Available for Purchase From Menards in Aberdeen, South Dakota?

Menards in Aberdeen, South Dakota, offers appliances, building materials, floor coverings, hardware, plumbing supplies, housewares, grocery items and pet supplies. The store also has a garden center, rental center and propane exchange center.

Appliances available at the store include cooktops, freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners and ranges. Customers may also purchase range hoods, microwaves and kitchen appliance accessories. Appliance suites that include four matching pieces: refrigerator, dishwasher, range and oven combo, and microwave, offer customers a convenient purchase package.

The grocery and pet section provides shoppers with many of their daily needs. Grocery items range from breakfast and baking goods to canned and frozen foods. Cleaning, laundry, and paper and plastic goods are also available in this section. Pet supplies include food, treats, bowls, storage and other accessories. Personal care items also fall into this category, with offerings of shampoo, deodorant, oral care and pain relievers.

The garden center has a wide variety of products. Customers can choose from plants, seeds and bulbs, greenhouses, landscaping tools and materials, outdoor pest control, fencing materials, power tools and equipment, and water and irrigation supplies. Flowers, vegetables, grass, citrus trees and water plants are also available.

At the rental center, customers can rent trucks to haul their purchases home. Additionally, power tools, carpet cleaners, sanders and insulation installation equipment can all be rented at this location.