What Is the Process for Using Concrete Cobblestone Molds?


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The process for using concrete cobblestone molds starts with choosing a paver mold and mixing the concrete. After mixing the concrete, add powdered colorant to the mixture to create the desired stone color. Add a release agent, such as vegetable oil, into the mold to prevent the concrete from sticking to the mold.

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Add the concrete mixture to half of the mold and then tap the mold on the ground to release air bubbles. Fill the rest of the mold to the top and tap the mold again several times. Allow the concrete to dry over 24 hours.

Get the pathway ready by smoothing it out and removing any debris. Once the concrete is dry, place the pavers in the desired area. Fill in the gaps with polymeric sand and wet them down with a hose to settle the sand. Repeat until the path appears fully grouted. Repeat the entire process until the pathway is complete.

Make the stone look more natural by creating concrete mixtures of various hues. Mix the varied hues in the pattern. These pavers are strong enough for use in driveways, walkways, paths and patios. Measure the target area before beginning to ensure you purchase the appropriate amount of concrete. Use marble or granite mixtures for a more sophisticated look.

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