What Is the Process to Repair Carpet With Glue?

process-repair-carpet-glue Credit: Sharon Meredith/E+/Getty Images

To repair carpet with glue, remove the damaged area and glue a patch of carpet to make the carpet look new again. Make sure you are using a glue that is made for use with carpet fibers and backing.

Repair process:

  1. Fluff up the carpet fibers around the stained or burnt area before cutting.
  2. Align the carpet cutter over the spot and push it down into the carpet.
  3. Rotate the cutter back and forth several times to cut out the patch of carpet.
  4. Remove the carpet piece.
  5. Using a remnant for tracing, cut a new carpet piece.
  6. Apply carpet glue to the backside of the carpet piece.
  7. Insert the carpet piece into the cut-away spot.
  8. Push the carpet piece down firmly so the glue adheres to the carpet pad.