What Is the Process for Removing a Swimming Pool?

The process to remove a swimming pool has several steps, including draining, punching holes in the bottom of the pool and then removing all of the material and backfilling it. The holes in the bottom may not be used in all pool removal methods, but help break up the concrete in the bottom of the pool.

Removing a pool is not a quick process. This can be done as a partial removal or a full removal. A partial removal involves the draining and hole punching, but not all of the material is removed. The top few feet of the gunite material is broken and removed and then the pool is filled in with dirt. Using this method can be faster and less expensive, but nothing will grow where the pool has been unless homeowners or landscapers have a layer of top soil put back over the top of the pool area.

The full pool removal involves breaking up the material in the pool and removing it completely from the hole that was made to hold it. Once the hole is empty and all the material gone, the hole is once again backfilled and top soil put on top to allow grass or plants to grow. No matter which removal method is used, homeowners need to make sure that all of the correct permits have been obtained for the removal.