What Is the Process for Leveling a House?


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Examine the structural integrity of the home, measure how far off level it is, jack up the house and install new support piers for the low spots is the process for leveling a house. This is not a small project and should not be attempted by those without experience.

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What Is the Process for Leveling a House?
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A structural engineer should be used to examine the house foundation and construction to ensure that it is sound enough to be lifted. At the very least you should go underneath the house into the crawlspace and thoroughly examine the floor joists, support piers and foundation. Look for rotted timbers, broken concrete or any other signs of areas that may not hold up to the stress of being lifted.

If the structure is sound, use a spirit level on the floor joists to determine the areas that need to be raised and by how much they need to lift. Insert heavy-duty house jacks underneath the low spots, and have a different person man each jack. Jack the house up until it is level. The process must be done slowly over weeks, or longer, to avoid cracking plaster, windows, wall boards and beams. Bring it up a little bit each time, and allow the house to settle.

When the house is level, construct new support piers out of concrete blocks in the low spots near the jack locations, and lower the house onto supports.

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