What Is the Process for Constructing a House Foundation?

What Is the Process for Constructing a House Foundation?

After digging, construction workers install the footings, after which they seal them. They continue by creating the stem walls, then a block wall for the basement, if there is going to be one.

First, someone comes in to survey the lot where the construction is about to take place. This determines the actual space where the construction workers can create the foundation. Next, an excavation contractor starts digging, after which the construction workers begin to install the footings, which may involve pouring concrete in forms made of wood, or right in the trenches.

Then, the workers seal the footings, which protects them from moisture. When the concrete is cured, the workers make the stem walls for the basement, using concrete block. Once this is done, the workers treat the walls of the foundation with sealer, to ensure that moisture remains out.

If the house has a basement, the workers usually start with a block wall that is in the foundation's corner. They use leads, which give them two endpoints to which they string a line. The line ensures that the wall they build is straight.

When purchasing the sealer, it's a good idea to get a high-quality product. A ready-mix producer knows best which brands are good and which ones are not. When treating the walls of the foundation with the second round of sealer, the workers may prefer to use a sealer that's acrylic based, because this type can be applied right after the concrete is done.