What Does the Process of Carpet Dyeing Entail?


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The process of carpet dyeing entails cleaning and drying the carpet, protecting the working area and applying a carpet dye to the carpet. Allowing the dyed carpet to dry completes this process.

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What Does the Process of Carpet Dyeing Entail?
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To clean the carpet, an individual first clears the working area of any furniture and vacuums the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust. For better results, he should be sure to access the crevices while vacuuming. Once all the dust is off, the carpet is saturated with an organic carpet shampoo, and all stains and dirt scrubbed with a washcloth. The carpet is then rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry.

Once the carpet is dry, all the walls and other items around the working area are protected from dye with painter's tape. The individual then protects himself with safety goggles and a breathing mask. He mixes the dye according to the instructions on the package if needed, pours the dye into a sprayer and sprays a small area of the carpet with the dye. A hard-bristled scrub brush is used to work the dye into the carpet in circular motions. The process is repeated on the entire carpet before allowing the carpet to dry.

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