What Is the Process for Bleeding Air in Water Pipes?

To bleed air in water pipes, attach hoses to the outside spigots, run all the faucets in the home and close the faucets once the sputtering stops. Place containers under the faucets to collect water.

  1. Place containers under the faucets

    Put buckets or tubs under each faucet, shower and bathtub around the house. Do the same for every other water outlet in and out of the home. This helps to collect water for use rather than let it go to waste.

  2. Attach hoses to the spigots

    Locate the spigots outside the house, and attach hoses to them. The spigots should be located at the lowest points of the home. Run the other end of each hose to grass, plants and other vegetation that need watering.

  3. Turn on all the faucets

    Systematically turn on all the faucets in and out of the home. Begin with the uppermost floor, and make your way down. Be sure to run the showers and baths, and flush every toilet.

  4. Turn off all the faucets

    Wait for the sputtering noises to stop before systematically turning off each water outlet. Begin with the bottom floor, and make your way up. Remember to close the outdoor outlets as well.