What Is the Procedure for Transplanting Asparagus?


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To transplant asparagus, prepare a plot, gently remove the plants from the old bed, and carefully place it in the new location. Asparagus does best in a location that gets partial sunlight. To prepare the plot, remove rocks, dead leaves and other debris and amend the soil with compost and manure between 2 and 4 inches deep.

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Dig the trenches that are 12 inches deep, 6 inches wide and between 4 to 6 feet apart. Sprinkle 5-10-5 or 5-10-10 fertilizer at the bottom of the trenches. This means the fertilizer is 5 parts available nitrogen, 10 parts available potassium and 5 parts available phosphorus, or 5 parts nitrogen and 10 parts each potassium and phosphorus. Cover the fertilizer with 2 inches of soil to prevent the roots of the asparagus from burning.

Return to the old asparagus bed, and loosen the transplants gently with a garden fork. The transplants should be about a year old, for older plants have deeper roots and are harder to dig up. Occasionally reach down and gently untangle and loosen the roots manually until they are free. Then, carefully carry the asparagus crown to the prepared bed.

Place the transplants 18 inches apart in the trenches, making sure to spread the roots out. Cover with 2 inches of soil and water deeply. Add more soil as the crown produces new shoots, then mulch. Water deeply, but do not overwater.

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