What Is the Procedure for Leveling a House?


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To level a house, the lowest point of the ground floor has to be brought even with the highest point of that floor. Such a process requires digging to the slab foundation for access to support beams and pilings that may be faulty or ruined.

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Before such digging begins, however, workers prepare the area to keep damage or harm to existing areas to a minimum. Paints and shrubs near the area are also temporarily moved and replanted to prevent harm from the extensive digging. Once the foundation slab and outer walls are accessible, the damaged pilings are removed. New concrete pilings are installed to stabilize the exiting slab. A jack system is used on top of the new pilings to bring the house to a level position. Shims are placed between the pilings and the lower part of the ground floor while the jacks are in place.

Sinking in a part of a house indicates a foundation problem that can be serious and dangerous. Foundations often settle to an extent that creates risks because of water drainage and shifting soil. Because the sinking can be due to damages in the slabs, support beams or pilings, the procedures involves in house leveling require checking all these elements to determine the cause of the sinking.

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