What Is the Procedure for Cleaning a GE Gas Oven?


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The cleaning procedure for a GE gas oven varies depending on whether it is a self-cleaning oven or a manual cleaning oven. A self-cleaning oven can be programmed to run a cleaning cycle and left alone whereas a manual cleaning oven requires cleaning by hand.

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The procedure for a self-cleaning GE gas oven is quite straight forward. Consumers need to consult the user manual for the specific model of oven to find out how to initiate the self-cleaning function. The process of self-cleaning generally takes between one and a half and three hours. Once the oven has finished the self-cleaning cycle a small amount of ash is left at the bottom of the oven. This can be easily wiped off with a cloth.

The procedure for a manual clean GE gas oven is more involved and should be performed on a bi-weekly basis. Light spills and soils can be cleaned with soap, water and a scouring pad. Heavier stains may require the use of a commercial oven cleaner. To perform a deep clean of the oven, consumers should use half a cup of household ammonia and leave it in the cold oven overnight. The fumes from the ammonia will loosen the stains that have been burned on to the oven and make them easier to remove.

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