What Problems Do York Heat Pumps Commonly Have?


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Common problems with York heat pumps include failure to turn on, cooling issues, failure to heat, failure of the compressor to start, and faulty outdoor and indoor fans. Other problems include sudden shut down of the outdoor unit and freezing coils.

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A York heat pump fails to turn on when there is no power, when the circuit breaker has tripped or when the fuse wears out. Alternatively, a defective thermostat, an overloaded compressor and a faulty transformer can keep the heat pump from turning on. A dirty indoor coil, a clogged filter and a leaking reversing valve may cause the heater to blow only cold air when the heat pump is on.

A leaking suction or discharge valve and a low level of refrigerant can cause the outdoor unit not to heat. A grounded compressor motor, a faulty run capacitor and a seized compressor can cause the compressor not to start when outdoor fan is on.

The outdoor fan may fail to start if the fan relay is defective or when the defrost switch is faulty. The indoor fan fails to start when there is a worn out switch or when the thermostat is not sending signals. A clogged or faulty expansion valve or a worn out fan belt can cause the heat pump to shut down suddenly. Additionally, defects in the defrost cycle can cause the coils to freeze.

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