What Are Some Problems With Rhino Brand Gutter Guards?


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According to an article on Handy Man How To, problems with Rhino brand gutter guards include the exception of tar and oil from the manufacturer's no-clog warranty. Additionally, roof valleys tend to collect more leaves in the gutters.

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The problem of tar and oil clogging Rhino gutter guards can be solved by using a brush to manually remove the debris. Carburetor cleaner can be employed to cut through the tar, which can then be wiped away with paper towels. Roof valley collection problems are equally simple to solve, as they merely require the addition of valley guards or miters.

Those who have expressed problems with Rhino brand gutter guards have more problems with professional installation than the product itself. Hand Man How To reports that a customer's factory warranty was voided because of a faulty installation, which included missing screws and a butt joint installation error.

Rhino brand gutter guards are highly recommended by professional gutter installers because of the lack of problems identified by customers. Rhino guards are lightweight mesh that can handle 4.5 gallons of rain per minute without damage. They also separate the debris from all moisture, which drips into the gutter and is deposited through the rain spouting to eliminate the damage heavy weight can inflict on the gutters. Rhino guards also include mesh that has a 57-percent open area that helps the gutters dry quickly.

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