What Problems Do Raccoons Cause?


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Raccoons can cause damage to homes, gardens and other areas of property. For instance, raccoons may damage exterior walls to gain entrance to an attic.

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What Problems Do Raccoons Cause?
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Raccoons often open trash bins to eat the food inside, leaving a mess behind. The animals may also eat produce from the garden or small animals on the property. Small birds, mice or fish, such as those in Koi ponds, are often captured and eaten by raccoons. The animals may gain entrance to unlocked sheds, and they have the ability to open jars and other items that are unsecured. Generally, raccoons eat foods that are easiest to get and most abundant.

Attics are commonly infested by pests. Raccoons may tear holes in exterior walls, damage insulation or cause damage to wiring in the attic after gaining entrance. Air ducts and pipe insulation can be destroyed by the pests, both outdoors and inside the home. Chimneys that are infested with raccoons may become clogged with debris from the nest, and the animals may damage sod in search of insects.

When living indoors, raccoons may release waste that damages the structure significantly. Animal waste is considered a biohazard that may cause illness or disease in humans. Typically, any area that is contaminated with animal waste requires an extensive cleanup and replacement of items, such as contaminated paneling or insulation, to remove the threat of disease.

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