What Are Some Problems You Might Experience With a Dyson Dc35?

Problems with the Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum include a short battery life, a small dirt container and an inability to pick up larger pieces of dirt and debris, according to consumer reviews on Amazon.com as well as a review from the Best Cordless Vacuum Guide. Some users also complained about the weight distribution of the vacuum.

The limited battery life is the top complaint in the reviews. On a full charge, the DC35 only lasts between 12 and 15 minutes at its normal setting. On the "Max" setting, which is for cleaning larger messes, the run time is between five and six minutes. Given that the DC35 takes over three hours to charge completely, many reviewers find this to be unacceptable.

In addition to the battery, several reviews note that the small dirt container requires emptying and cleaning extremely often. There are also several complaints about the lack of suction and inability to pick up larger chunks of dirt from the floor, even on the "Max" setting. Some reviewers comment that longer strands of pet hair in particular get wrapped around the tube and cause the vacuum to jam. There are also complaints from a few reviewers that the motor stopped running after a few uses, but there are a limited number of these complaints.

Although the vacuum itself is less than 5 pounds, some users have issues with the weight distribution due to the motor placement near the handle. Since users have to hold down a "trigger" switch constantly to operate the vacuum, a few reviewers complained that anyone with hand or wrist problems is likely to have difficulty using the DC35.