What Problems Are Cited by Reviewers of Bosch Fridge Models?


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According to reviewers, the two most common complaints with Bosch refrigerators are the ice maker and the stainless steel exterior. As of 2015, dissatisfied reviewers say a refrigerator at that price point should have a more powerful, durable ice maker and that the exterior should have a higher-quality finish.

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Many people post reviews complaining that on Bosch refrigerators, the ice maker either stops making ice or takes an inordinate amount of time to make the ice. A couple of reviewers have pointed out that their Bosch ice makers do not always realize that the ice bin is full, so they keep making ice, but then the extra ice gets caught in the works. Eventually, the water and ice bind the mechanism, and one reviewer has described the process of taking the ice maker out partway and using a heat gun to defrost the ice. Other reviewers complain about having to make repeated service calls for the ice maker.

With regard to the stainless steel finish, some reviewers point out that their stainless steel doors have developed rust, even in areas distant from the ice and water dispenser. Others talk about how their ostensibly stainless steel doors are actually magnetic, and still others wish that the quality of the stainless steel was higher.

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