What Are Some Problems With Ash Trees?


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Problems with ash trees include diseases such as ash yellows, anthracnose and ash rust as well as pests such as the emerald ash borer and the ash flowergall mite. Environmental issues such as trenching, removing the grass from the base of a tree, herbicide use, over-fertilization and failure to provide trees with sufficient moisture can also create problems.

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In addition to regular monitoring, ash trees may require periodic pruning, fertilizing and watering in order to stay healthy. Soil additives can assist in tree establishment, promote root growth and ensure that younger trees are able to develop and benefit from higher stress tolerance. Tree fertilizers and organic-based macro and micronutrients may also benefit mature trees. Pruning young ash trees ensures they will develop a strong structure with opposing branch structure.

Pruning can also preserve and improve tree structure and lifespan. Remove broken, diseased or withered branches in order to prevent fungal growth that may speed decay or damage healthy parts of the tree. Remove live branches that may be reducing sunlight exposure or interfering with air circulation within the tree canopy. Take action at the first sign of an insect infestation or disease, as these issues may weaken or kill the tree if not dealt with promptly.

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