How Do You Know If the Problem Is With a Whirlpool Dryer or the Venting?


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The best way to know where a problem with a dryer lies is by testing the dryer components. Check the vent for clogs, and also examine the heating elements of the Whirlpool dryer including the fuses in its coils.

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The sources of most common dryer problems such as elongated drying periods are not easily established. Clogged vents prevent the warm moist air from leaving the dryer and can cause increased time spans before clothes are dried. Remove the dryer vent and check for any presence of lint, which should be removed. The ventilation pipe can also be clogged anywhere along its path, especially on bends; clean the pipe to remove lint and clogs.

The first step in checking a Whirlpool dryer is locating the heating element. Any breakage on the heating coil indicates a problem. If no breakage is visible, check the fuses located on both the heating element and the blower housing. A multimeter easily tests the functioning of the fuses.

Also check for the presence of faults in the circuit breaker, even though it is not located on the dryer. A blown circuit breaker may cause the dryer not to heat up even though the dryer's drum is turning.

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