How Do You Prime a Pump?


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To prime a pump, first gather 2 gallons of water with which to prime the pump. Next, cut off the power to the building, and relieve water pressure from the system. Remove the priming plug, and pour the water into the pump through a funnel.

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Gathering 2 gallons of water can be difficult if the pump is connected to all the faucets in the house. Options include gathering water from the home's toilets or draining some water from the hot water tank. Once the water is ready, disconnect all power to the pump so that it does not automatically activate when water primes it. In addition, relieving the system's water pressure alleviates excess pressure produced by priming, thereby preventing water from spraying when activated.

The priming plug is normally located at the top of the pump. The plug is hexagonal or square and is easy to remove using a combination wrench. Use a large funnel to pour water into the well pipe and impeller chamber until it overflows. Before screwing the plug back on, wrap some thread-sealing tape around the screw to achieve a good fit. Turn the system back on, and listen for water to flood the system. If this does not work, a second priming may be necessary to provide adequate water for operation.

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