How Are Prices Determined for Garbage Removal?


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Factors that determine the price of garbage removal include the type and size of the garbage, and the amount of time it takes to load a garbage truck. Some companies may add labor fees if the garbage removal service requires more than one junk hauler and several hours to remove the garbage.

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How Are Prices Determined for Garbage Removal?
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The price of removing furniture is different from the price of removing dirt and concrete. There are also different prices for items that have special recycling needs such as refrigerators, air conditioning units and pianos.

The size of the garbage refers to the amount of space it takes up in the garbage truck. The more space the garbage takes, the more it costs. The time factor refers to the number of hours it takes to load all the garbage in the truck. The more time it takes, the more expensive the garbage removal service.

Garbage that requires multiple loads costs more to remove than garbage that requires a single load. Some companies charge extra for very heavy loads due to the effort and manpower it requires to haul them into the garbage truck. Companies may also charge extra if the garbage needs to be taken to a specific location.

Different companies factor in additional costs to the total fee for garbage removal, such as overhead, vehicle operating costs, recycling center fees and landfill fees.

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