How Do You Price Used Furniture?


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To price used furniture, analyze the quality, condition, size and style. Consumers are often willing to pay more for a high-quality piece, so strongly consider the build quality. The condition is also important, as people are willing to pay higher prices for furniture that looks new and has no sign of wear and tear.

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How Do You Price Used Furniture?
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The functionality of the furniture is important. A very large piece of furniture is not always practical, so it may be necessary to price substantial pieces less than the original value. Analyze the furniture through the eyes of a potential buyer, and consider how usable the furniture is. If the piece is extremely comfortable or handy, it may fetch a higher price. If it is heavy, unwieldy or uncomfortable, the price should reflect this.

The style of the piece should also be considered. Some styles may only appeal to a certain niche group, which can be a positive or a negative factor depending on the item. If a furniture piece is rare or appealing, it may be worth more to the right buyer. Neutral furniture is often easier to sell than something specialized, so it may be necessary to price loud, outdated, tacky or brightly colored furniture low in order to attract buyers. Retro furniture usually has plenty of potential buyers, so it is advantageous to price it higher than standard modern furniture.

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