How Do You Get the Best Price for Scrap Metal?

To get the best price for scrap metal, compare the prices of all the local scrap yards. Some scrap yards offer bonuses for large amounts of metal, so optimize your return by waiting to scrap until you meet the requirement for a bonus.

Prices for scrap metal are higher for nonferrous metal types, such as brass, copper, aluminum, titanium and tin. Copper is often the most valuable metal to exchange. Ferrous metals, such as iron and stainless steel, tend to have a lower value. However, there are recyclers that pay more for certain metals. Call all the scrap yards in your region ahead of time to find out which ones accept what metals and if there are any requirements for the exchange.

Find valuable scrap materials in your home or by offering to remove neighbors' and friends' old appliances or metal from their homes for free. Search online or in newspaper classified advertisements for individuals or businesses looking for someone to take old appliances off their hands. Network with the managers or maintenance workers of apartment complexes and ask them to contact you when they have anything metallic that needs to be scrapped. Offer your services for free to elicit more opportunities.