What Are the Price Ranges of Huebsch Washers on Sale?

The typical price range of Huebsch washers on sale is $1,000 to $3,000, as of March 2015. The price is dependent on factors such as quality of build, power, size and water usage efficiency.

Huebsch washers are usually sought out by business owners with the ambition to open laundromats, various business premises or multi-housing systems. Other sources of sale include colleges, homeless shelters and mobile home parks. There are various sized models including the 27-pound HC27, as well as a 35-pound model, JTO300drg.

Proportional to the size of the washer is the water usage per wash and power consumption. Purchasers of Huebsch washers require certification. For instance, the City of New York requires buyers to declare their MEA number at the time of purchase. Owners of Huebsch washers should be aware of essential information such as proper use, modifications and maintenance options which can be provided by the distributors.