How Do You Price Plastering Work?


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According to Redbeacon.com, plastering work is priced according to the complexity of the job, which includes materials and the amount of work required on doors, windows and trim. As of 2014, the average cost to plaster a simple hallway is $307, a bathroom is $433, a bedroom is $618, a kitchen is $802, a living room is $719, a dining room is $544 and an office is $741.

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When estimating the cost of plastering work, a contractor factors in the size and scope of the project. A 200-foot wall in good condition requires less effort than an 800-foot wall in poor condition. Thus, the small wall can be plastered for around $500, while larger walls over 300 feet are priced from $1,000 to $2,000. Another factor is difficulty of execution. If additional equipment and time are required to prepare for and apply the plaster, these expenses are added to the cost.

A contractor also may adjust fees depending on the type of wall finish design the client desires. Smooth finishes average over $800, while standard textures are about $600. Contractors sometimes offer customized plaster finishes, which require more time and effort to achieve. This type of work is generally priced around $1,200.

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