How Is the Price Per Yard for Concrete Determined?

The price per cubic yard of concrete is determined by multiplying the desired finished length, width and depth of the concrete and dividing that number by 27. This depends on the type of concrete being used, how much is required and whether it is delivered, according to Family Handy Man.

Using the calculation of length times width times depth divided by 27 gives the cubic yardage of the project. It is recommended to add 10 percent to this number to make up for any spills or deviations in depth. With the cubic yardage calculated, it is possible to purchase the correct amount of concrete mix for a job or place an order with a contractor who can then deliver ready-mixed concrete to the job site. If concrete is being delivered by a contractor, make sure that the fees for delivery and mixing are taken into account. If hired labor will be assisting in the job, make sure to include fees associated with that.

Once all of these figures and calculations have been made, it is possible to make an accurate quote on a complete concrete pouring job. Add together the cost materials and all expenses related to the project and divide that number by the project's square yardage to produce the price per square yard of an entire finished project.