How Does the Price of LP Smartside Siding Compare to the Competition?

LP SmartSide siding is about half the cost of real wood and is similar to the cost of its most like competitor, fiber cement siding. Both types of engineered wood siding are similar in cost to install and maintain.

Brick and stone are the most durable siding types; however, they are also the most expensive. Vinyl and aluminum siding are the cheapest siding types and are characterized as maintenance-free because they come pre-finished and are resistant to moisture and rot. However, they are not impact resistant and their finishes fade over time.

Engineered wood is a low-maintenance, durable type of siding that more closely mimics the appearance of real wood than vinyl or aluminum siding do. In response to issues with moisture resistance in their earlier versions, both LP SmartSide's and JamesHardie's engineered wood sidings have been reformulated to improve overall longevity.

Compared to real wood siding, engineered wood is more resistant to rot and to insects and is cheaper and easier to install. Also, long-term maintenance costs are actually less than for the maintenance-free competitors; vinyl and aluminum siding require replacement to restore them to like-new condition once their finishes have faded, whereas engineered wood can simply be repainted.