How Do You Get the Best Price for Hardware Paint?

How Do You Get the Best Price for Hardware Paint?

To get the best price for paint, check your local recycling center, visit hardware stores frequently to shop for sales and buy in bulk. Applying a coat of primer helps the paint to cover better and uses less paint.

Recycling and hazardous centers are a good source of cheap paint. These centers collect old, unused paint from local businesses for recycling or disposal. A lot of the paint is still usable because paint has a long shelf life. Some centers may even give away the paint for free.

Many paint specialty and hardware stores sell discolored paint at low prices. It may pay off visiting local hardware stores regularly looking for discounted paint.

High-end paints typically cover better, which means using less paint. These paints are usually more durable meaning that the new paint job last longer, saving money in the long-term.

Buying in bulk can help make great savings on paint. A 5 gallon bucket is a better bargain than a 1 gallon bucket, offering up to a gallon of extra paint. You can also save by painting most walls a single color when painting a lot of square footage. Negotiating a bulk price when buying multiple buckets of paint can also help reduce costs.